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Emas National Park - Classical Cerrado (Brazilian Savanna)

     Situated in Middle West Brazil Emas National Park is the largest and most impressive fragment of Cerrado (Brazilian Savanna) supporting a spectacular fauna and flora. Emas NP has more than 220 bird species and an enormous variety of microhabitats making it a unique birding area. This is a great place to see most of the Cerrado bird rarities and also some mammal species.
     During our visits to Emas National Park we will be looking for Greater Rhea, Spotted Nothura, Lesser Nothura, Red-winged Tinamou, Giant Snipe, Red-legged Seriema, Long-winged Harrier, Aplomado Falcon, the very local White-winged Nightjar, Blue-and-yellow Macaw, Red-shouldered Macaw, Yellow-faced Parrot, Horned Sungem, White-wedged Piculet, White-eared Puffbird, Planalto Foliage-Gleaner, Rufous-winged Antshrike, Rusty-backed Antwren, Large-billed Antwren, Collared Crescentchest, Sharp-tailed Tyrant, Cock-tailed Tyrant, Rufous-sided Pygmy-Tyrant, Bearded Tachuri, Chapada Flycatcher, Streamer-tailed Tyrant, Helmeted Manakin, White-banded Tanager, White-rumped Tanager, the recent rediscovered Cone-billed Tanager, Plumbeous Seedeater, Marsh Seedeater, Coal-crested Finch, Black-masked Finch and many others.
     Among mammals we will have chances to see Manned Wolf, Pampa’s Deer, Brazilian Tapir, White-lipped Peccary, Brown Capuchin Monkey and Hog-nosed Striped-Skunk. Emas NP is also home for Puma and the rarely seen Pampa’s Cat, which was seen a few times on previous trips.